Upcoming Events


June 23 – Board Meeting immediately after Sunday School


July 8-11 – DCC Mission Trip to Show-Me Christian Youth Home
We have the opportunity to help Show Me Christian Youth Home work on and complete some of the projects they have in progress. You can come all 4 days or as many as you can. Talk to David Jordan soon if you are interested.

July 14-18 – Vacation Bible School
If you would like to be her assistant or help in any way, please talk to Katie Crockett

important notices

  • Registration for church camp is open. This is our first year with FSCC, and our Church board has unanimously agreed that any of our DCC young people who want to go to camp at FSCC this summer will have their full registration fee paid for by the
    church. See David for more information about registering for camp.

    Teens: Would you be interested in being a teen helper at camp? You can apply by going to the FSCC website: http://www.flamingspirit.com/.